Plastic Water Bottles for Kids


Children today seem to be constantly doing some sort of activity. Weekends are filled with football, baseball, and soccer games. In the winter time, the sports move inside to basketball, tennis, and indoor soccer. On top of sports, kids are busy playing with friends in the neighborhood or from school. With all of this physical exertion it is important to make sure that our children remain hydrated properly throughout the day.


Plastic reusable water bottles are a good way for a family on the go to keep their busy kids hydrated. These days you can find a plastic reusable water bottle that is BPA free so you and your children are not being exposed to any harmful chemicals. Reusing the bottle also helps cut down on waste and expense. Every time your children go to school, have a sporting function or have a play date with a friend you don’t have to buy more water bottles. You can just keep using the same plastic bottle over and over again. Using kids’ plastic water bottles saves you a trip to the store, and keeps more trash out of a landfill.


If your kids play lots of sports, as a parent you already know they need their own water bottle. There are many reliable brands like REI and Nalgene that make kids sport bottles. These water bottles tend to be on the higher end price wise, but there are other brands that offer lower priced kids sports bottles. They may not look as flashy, but it serves the necessary function of keeping your child hydrated and in the game.


Kids’ sports water bottles also serve another function apart from carrying water. If your child has his or her own water bottle it will cut down on the amount of germs they are exposed to. We all cringe when our kids go to a birthday party or a sporting event and we see one of the other kids has a runny nose or a cough. As parents we want to do whatever we can to limit the spread of those germs. By purchasing your child his or her own water bottle, this will help cut down on that exposure.


The great thing about these plastic reusable water bottles is that after the game, or party, all you have to do is wash them with a little hot water and soap, and they are ready for the next event. Your kid’s plastic water bottles take very little effort to maintain.


So, before you buy another pack of water bottles, think about purchasing a few reusable ones instead. In the long run it will save you money, and cut down on the amount of waste your family uses. It will also give you the peace of mind of knowing which water bottle is your child’s so you can cut down on the spread of germs. Take some time to find the right water bottle for your kids today.


Leather: More Than Just Belts


Are you looking for the perfect gift for that person who has everything? Do they enjoy the finer things in life and the look and feel of quality leather? Leather is not just for shoes, belts, and handbags.


If the person you are shopping for is creative and enjoys some occasional down time to take pencil and paper and sketch out a drawing or write down their thoughts, they can do it in style. A leather sketchbook or blank leather journal may be the answer.


Leather sketchbooks can be found in a variety of styles and leather qualities. The price range is almost as broad as the selection. For the artist you may want to look at the sketchbook selection, but if you know the person you are buying for is an artist and enjoys playing with words, a blank journal may be the perfect gift idea. Having the journal will let them know that they can play with their drawing skills and still write down their thoughts for the day.


You will find hand-sewn leather journals. Leather journals that can be personalized. If you are buying for someone who is extremely creative, shop for a leather journal that is refillable. No more worries about running out of pages with a million ideas still left in your head.


For the chef in your life or that person who just wants to preserve those special family recipes, look no further than a leather recipe journal. These may not be the best to use in the kitchen environment but they are a beautiful way to preserve timeless keepsakes. A great place to store grandmas favorite recipes.


If you want to give a gift that stands out but your wallet isn’t big enough for the price tag on a full leather journal or sketchbook, take a look at leather bound sketchbooks. These options will give you a touch of class at a noticeably lower price. So what is the difference between a leather sketchbook and a leather bound sketchbook?


The difference is fairly basic. As the name would imply, a leather sketchbook will have a full leather cover. It may just be a smooth, plain leather or it could be stamped leather, even painted leather. The key is the entire cover will be manufactured in leather.


On the other hand, a leather bound sketchbook will be trimmed in leather. The leather will be found on the binding of the journal or sketchbook. This type of journal may also have leather trim in other places. It will not have an entire cover made of leather. The cover can be found in a multitude of materials, designs, and colors.


Don’t let the fact that what you are looking at is simply trimmed in leather keep you from considering it as an option. The leather trimmed styles can be just as elegant and beautiful as the full leather styles.


Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, a leather sketchbook or journal is a gift that begs to be opened. The inspiration you or your loved one need to put pencil to paper may just be a piece of quality leather away.


Holiday Mugs


When Christmas rolls around each year do you dread it because you can’t think of what to get your friends and family? Is each year a struggle to find that perfect gift? Do you spend hours shopping online or in the mall and cannot find anything? Instead of stressing this year, why not get your friends or family a gift they are sure to use over and over again. Why not get them a coffee cup gift mug.


The best holiday mugs can reflect your personality, or the personality of the person you are buying the mug for. Coffee cup gifts can be personalized with a message or design. You can find mugs with a 50’s vintage look, or mugs with a modern look. You can create a holiday mug with a personalized message for the person you are giving the mug to. Coffee cup gift ideas are only limited by your imagination.


Holiday mugs are not just limited to the Christmas either. You can get coffee cups in holiday motifs for any major holiday. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving can all be found through an online and brick and mortar retailers. You can also find mugs to suit smaller celebrations like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. A coffee mug is the perfect way to tell them how much you appreciate them. Your Mom or Dad can then proudly display your message to them at work, or around the house. Your creative mug is sure to be their favorite coffee cup to use each morning.


If the person you are shopping for travels quite a bit or you know that they have a long commute to work, why not buy them a plastic travel cup. Coffee in a plastic cup makes it easy to take your cup of joe on the go. They are durable and not as fragile as a ceramic mug. A coffee cup plastic traveler can also be designed to your specifications. For the person you are wanting to give a plastic travel mug you can add a picture of yourself so they will never leave you behind! You can also add a message, a scenic picture, or a fun design. Like a regular ceramic mug, there are no limits to what you can design your plastic mug to be. The only limit is your imagination.


This year when the special occasions or holidays arrive don’t worry about what to get your friends or loved ones. Create the best holiday mugs for them. That way you will be giving them a memorable gift they can enjoy time and time again. Giving a coffee cup as a gift is a great way to give something personal to the people you care about the most.